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Port Augusta Physiotherapy Centre
8 Mackay Street
Port Augusta SA 5700
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Port Pirie Physio Centre
138 The Terrace
Port Pirie SA 5540
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Whyalla City Physiotherapy
77 Cudmore Street
Whyalla SA 5600
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Our experienced Physiotherapists have a range of sub specialities which include chronic pain management. We understand the complex nature of chronic pain and the need for a multidisciplinary, biopsychosocial approach.


We are committed to applying current evidence-based practice in pain management and we understand the importance in patient education so that they understand their condition and become better managers of their pain.




A comprehensive and holistic orthopaedic, neuromuscular and functional assessment will be conducted. Treatment is tailored and includes:

  • Education regarding your condition
  • Hands on Treatment
  • Teaching of self-treatment strategies
  • Graded progression of return to functional activities
  • Exercises to promote mobility, strength, endurance and function
  • Management strategies for “flare up”