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Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program aims to improve treatment for injuries, resulting in earlier recovery from these injuries before the lodgement of a WorkCover insurance claim.

The main objective of the Early Intervention Program is to introduce early active treatment for workplace injuries. In addition, the injured Worker is educated and supported during the recovery process via communications with all key stakeholders. Specialist intervention with a focus on treatment and recovery is introduced if the injury is not progressing.

Early intervention and a focus on workplace rehabilitation can reduce the economic and human costs associated with workplace injuries. This is shown to reduce lost time, halve total claims cost, and have a major impact at reducing long-term off work claims.

The injured worker on the Early Intervention Program may receive a minimum of 4 to a maximum 6 visits of physiotherapy treatment to successfully return to work. However, in certain instances the Physiotherapist may indicate/direct the employer to lodge an insurance claim based on their initial assessment and nature of Injury.

Key benefits

  • Improved stay at work and return to work outcomes
  • Improved productivity, resilience and health outcomes for injured employees
  • 99% of treatment appointments scheduled on the same or next business day
  • Anticipated reductions in lost time injuries
  • Access to physiotherapists experienced in Occupational Physiotherapy and tailored to understand your workplace risks and suitable duties protocols, with a strong focus on work capacity and achieving safe and sustainable return to work outcomes

Our trained Physiotherapists provide an assessment of each injured Worker’s capacity which supports return to work. Our Physiotherapists have a positive outcome focus and an attitude on encouraging injured workers in return to work.

Onsite Physiotherapy:

Onsite physiotherapy programs are a proven approach for the early management and prevention of work-related injuries. By providing immediate diagnosis and treatment options for employees onsite, musculoskeletal complaints can be managed before they impact on an employee’s ability to work comfortably and safely. Onsite physiotherapy can improve productivity and reduce the number of complaints that escalate to the point of worker’s compensation claims.

Work-cover Injuries:

Our Practices are RTWSA accredited and we provide treatment and rehabilitation of injured workers.